Three friggin’ words : Oh. my. god. Those three words were the only ones that came out from my mouth approximately 30 minutes during the show. I was completely overblown by the Fashion that filled the room and air.

This, my readers wasn’t Gucci men runway show, it wasn’t even LV etc but it was Beautyberry by Wang Yutao. To be completely, frankly honest with you, I have never heard of him before nor seen him anywhere before but why heaven forbid haven’t I? He was so good I almost fell (I’m being exaggerated) but seriously though, What do you think?

I saw earthy colors, pleats, furs, leather, red soles, skirts, amazing beautiful coats, I saw bow ties in so many different patterns and colors and I saw handsome models!

Beautyberry women next! So stay tuned!

6 years ago
In Berlin Fashion Week, RUNWAY
  • Andrés Corella

    Wow Jason I loved this collection so cool and wearable..I´d wear everything!

    The Black Label

  • The Fashion Commentator

    Mmmm so interesting!
    I like the burgundy coat, the fur details on jackets and even the blue pants. ;) So many things I like. I’ve never heard something about him, but the emerging fashion weeks like Berlin are so useful for this reason…isn’t it?


  • KC of Nouveau Skin

    i like that this collections is a bit forward. :)

  • Jasonitos

    Thank you guys mwah!