Jason of JASONITOS is a Malaysian residing in Hamburg, Germany.
This blog is about beautiful images, Fashion with capital F, inspiration, lifestyle, street style and LOVE. So much love actually.

I began this blog in 2010 after Paris Fashion week, where Fashion icons, bloggers, photogs, tourists, schaulustigers and vendors gathered outside the fancy huge white tent in Jardin Des Tuileries wether invited, or NOT… It was before DIOR and I was in the midst of this madness not knowing what was going on. I only saw many fashionable people in fancy clothes running towards the venue with many photogs chasing hungrily after them and I wondered why but intrigued and fascinated at the same time.

The tourist with the ugliest digital camera, yes…that was me, was eager taking photos of these people without even knowing what to do with them until I came home, determined that I’ll have a blog, a blog with ugly pictures.

Soon JASONITOS was born onto this world wide web, with ugly images in the beginning but I must say, wonderful ones today, don’t you think???  Blogging has taught me many, many  things which I, in the beginning thought impossible. I met wonderful people, I worked with great brands and I travelled the world. I am so grateful!

So, welcome dearest, to my humble blog and thank you so much for reading!

CHEERS! To Fashion, to us and to wonderful imageries!


Top: Givenchy